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What We Offer

We are proud to provide exceptional online instruction from some great guitar teachers who have a wealth of experience, talent, and a true passion for instructing. In addition to the one-on-one focus with world-renowned guitarists, we offer lesson recaps in video format, scrolling tablature, printable PDFs for your personal use away from the computer, and workshops conducted by these musicians to help you hone your skill. It is our belief that, when learning a new skill like guitar, a student must learn correctly the first time in order to prevent bad habits from forming. There are intangible elements, such as sitting properly, strumming correctly, and even holding a pick properly, that the instructors will reinforce so that their students can learn good habits and get the most out of their training. Our objective is for you to reach your musical potential, and we aim to give you the resources necessary to do that.

Who We Are

Rick Silvestri, a guitar and bass instructor from San Jose, has proven himself to be a patient, dedicated mentor whose age range of students varies from 6 to 70.
Ry Kihn, son of famous musician Greg Kihn, is a Berklee alum and has played with the likes of Eddie Money, Joe Satriani, and Billy Idol, to name a few.
Marcus Henderson has a plaque in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was responsible for recording music on the popular game "Guitar Hero".

Broadband Guitar provides a learning environment where busy students, professionals and established musicians can grow as artists. We understand that schedules can conflict, and driving can consume a good portion of one's day. Our online lessons fit into your busy lifestyle - you need not leave the comfort of your home to receive excellent instruction. We provide a robust community for becoming proficient in the instrument of your choice. Simply logon for your lesson from you home or office with a broadband connection and you are ready to learn. By eliminating drive times and lugging gear around, our students can focus on learning and playing music.